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HealthCoPro (Health Core Professionals) believes that every individual should have access to cost-effective and high quality treatment. We will guide you through your medical treatment with related information and better treatment alternatives you can afford. HealthCoPro is committed to assist you understand and get benefit from the advanced global health care opportunities.

In some countries medical care is expensive, HealthCoPro believes that patients can receive advanced and best quality treatment at a portion of the cost at home. We have located the world’s trustworthy medical doctors and specialists in our portal. Our aim is to help patients to have access to affordable care and advice from top specialists that will assist giving the patients confidence to make a decision.

HealthCoPro is committed to assist the providers who offers advance and quality medical services to visitors via our portal. HealthCoPro is a portal that connects the patients and the medical care providers.

We are committed to deliver you advanced and high quality medical services at affordable price.

Why use HealthCoPro?

High Quality Clinics

We provide you to access the advanced and high quality treatments in high quality clinics with experienced specialists

Affordable treatment

You can access advanced and high quality treatment, the same level of health care for a portion of the cost at home.

Best Price Guarantee

Our price checkers guarantee that we offer you the best prices possible every day and that’s a promise. However, if you find your medical procedure, with the same specialist and on the same dates at a lower price on other medical portals after you have booked the appointment, we will match it.

No booking fees

There is no booking fee if you book an appointment via our portal

Medical Financing

Our financing partner provides flexible payment plans for cosmetic, medical and dental procedures.

Medical Insurance

Our medical insurance partners will assist you in case of unexpected issues, so that you always have peace of mind while you are traveling.

Prices in your home Currency

We can provide the cost of your oversea medical treatment in your home currency. You can easily know how much you can save if you view the prices in your own currency.

No Cancellation Fees

Your plan has been changed, no worries. We can understand, Health Co Pro will never charge you a cancellation fee. You can change your appointment dates at any time with Health Co Pro. But you may charge a cancellation fee by the medical clinic itself.

HealthCoPro Team

Ezatullah Sadat


Dr. Kambiz Mohib

Medical Coordinator Director

Abdul Qayum Hakimi

Marketing Manager

Marouf Sadat

Development Director

Ahmad Jawad Ahmadi

Finance Manager

Habib Payman

Vice President & International Sales Director

Ainullah Safi

Sales Manager

Samim Azizi

Senior Content Manager

Shuayip Ozkan

Patient Care Coordinator

Habib Nusrat

Senior Customer Care Manager