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Frequently Asked Questions

Vaccinations are a protection and precaution for any oversea travel. However, it is recommended to check with the doctor in your home country.
Yes, all your medical history would be examined by the experts and will provide an estimated cost of treatment. The cost will rely up on the medical status, different kinds of rooms opted / available accommodation packages and treatment option that you will do the selection.
Some countries offering surgery and cosmetic treatments much less than your home country, because of the living costs are generally much lower than your home country. Living costs includes labor costs, doctors, anaesthetists, nursing, other related medical staff, accommodation type and cost of administration. So any decline in these costs will have impact on the cost and considerable savings to you.
Health Co Pro is not charging any fees to patients. The patients need to pay for their treatment at the clinic or hospital when they get there.
Yes, many hospitals will provide the pick-up and drop off services. It needs to be arranged on request and pass on the specific time and date of the flight. But few hospitals will intimate, if it is payable.
In Health Co Pro there are advanced facilities with excellent reputations, most of these are established, recognized centers for global patients. Specifically Turkey is highly regarded and well known for global patients and tourism. As long as you select your doctors with care, you can easily find high quality care and exceptional standards anywhere in the globe.
Health Co Pro is collaborated with famous specialists and best surgeons that are highly qualified and experienced in their fields
Although every doctor can understand English in Turkey, but if you require assistance with any other language, up on your request an interpreter will be arranged.
Yes, in major hospitals, they provide international foods. If you need any specific meal they would provide you on request.

Some hospitals have the following services

  • Laundry facility
  • Safety locker services
  • Gymnasium services
  • Assistance with shopping facility

Please let the staff know regarding your requirements.

It will rely on the duration of recovery for the certain treatment. Upon your Doctor’s recommendation your return travel can be scheduled.

All major payment modes are accepted in Turkey such as Cash, International Master or Visa Card, Travellers cheque etc.

Hospital officials would guide you with the discharge procedures.

It is not essential, but if you have a medical history it is recommended to inform us prior travel.

It can be covered, but please check with the selected hospital if this service is accepted.